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The list is far too grand and splendid to cover it all right here. Check out this list for a full run down on what to expect at the Moab to St. George race.

1)Your entry will provide sight savings surgery for 2 people!
2)Entrance into one the greatest races you’ll ever participate in.
3) Free meal at the finish line.
4) Free finishers medal.
5) Free Vision Relay T-Shirt (NOT a lame sponsors billboard T-shirt!).
6) Free Die Cut Sticker.
7) Free Vision Relay drawstring backpack (it contains all of your race packet info).
8) Raffle tickets for the numerous giveaways at the awards ceremony.
9) Life-long memories with your friends that you’ll never forget!

No refunds are available for your entry fee. Even in the event of an injury, family business, personal emergency, and other similar circumstances. Sorry, there are no exceptions. We do however allow rider substitutions. To see our entire refund policy, click here.

Absolutely. As a relay, we don’t want you team to suffer because you aren’t able to make it to the start line. It is up to you and the other party to work out any financial compensation for your race entrance. You will need to contact us and inform of us the transferal asap.

Registration is only done online. You will submit all of your team information online and then pay via Paypal payments. If you don’t feel comfortable about paying online, you can submit your team information online and then call us to have us run your credit card, or you can send us a check. Please call us at 801-888-3233, or email us at for any questions or concerns.

Click here to register for Moab to St. George.

Registration opens each year at the beginning of December.

If the date has past, and it says registration is closed, please call us asap at 801-941-5526. We always plan on 1-2 extra teams to register after official registration close.

Open Class teams are reserved for the fastest teams. We encourage any team with Cat 1-2 or fast 3’s teams to enter the Open Class. This category has a $9,100 cash purse shared between the 3 fastest men’s and women’s teams.

Competitive Class teams are expected to strictly follow all rules that are outlined in the Race Bible. This is for those of you who are out to claim that your team is the fastest team out there. Competitive Class teams will be differentiated from Non-Competitive Class teams by a large “X” following their team number. It is each teams owns responsibility to know and understand each rule in the Race Bible.

Non-Competitive Class teams will only have their team number with no “X”. Non-Competitive Class teams are for those that are just in it to have a fun time. They should try their best to stay within all the rules set in the Race Bible, but if they must get creative to make it to the finish line, no penalties will handed out.

A Coed Team can be the following mix: 2 Men + 2 Women or 3 Women + 1 Man.

Each event is setup as a relay, meaning you will have teammates on your team. Cyclist 1 will ride Leg 1, then at the first exchange switch off to Cyclist 2, and so on until all legs are completed. Competitive teams are required to ride in order and not switch riders or legs unless a rider is injured during their leg.

Any Open or Competitive Class teams that are found to have teammates ride out of order will be disqualified from the official results. We feel that keeping it this way increases the need for strategy in determining who is Cyclists 1, 2, 3, and 4. We really discourage out of riding order for Non-Competitive / Fun Class teams, but if it necessary to finish the race then we will look the other way.

We direct those who are looking for additional teammates to post on our facebook page about their need to join a team, or their need for an additional teammate. It’s like, but better. Click here for the fan page.

Yes, we’ll let you try and tackle the race solo, but we really do not recommend it. There are a few stipulations though. First there is an extra $50 fee to do so ($235 total). You will also be required to have a support driver and vehicle to pick you up when you don’t make it. Also, you pay close attention to the exchange opening and closing times. We can not change these time to accommodate your solo attempt. If you want to start early to make it to the finish line in time, we would let you do that. Do we expect you to finish? Not really. But if you do that is pretty awesome and we think it would merit a jumping high five.

Yes. We have had a whole team of tandem cyclists, and also one tandem bike on a team acting as 1 cyclist. Teams with tandem riders are not allowed on competitive teams. To register some of your cyclists as tandem riders, please contact us at

*Please note each tandem cyclist will be $120 per person. So a team with all tandem riders (8 riders) would be $960.

Competitive teams and non-competitive / fun teams will be differentiated by their jersey bibs and bike plates. Those teams with a big “X” at the end of their number means they are in the competitive class. If a competitive class team is caught cheating they will be disqualified from the official results.

If a non-competitive / fun team is caught cheating, then so be it. They are just out to have fun and are working to finish the race. Relax and enjoy the ride. Results for non-competitive / fun class teams will be posted separate from competitive class results.

If you see a competitive team cheating, we ask that you record the cheating with your cell phone or camera so that we can clearly see the cheating and what team number they are. It is very difficult for us to verify any cheating without physical proof. The officials reserve the right to make any calls on cheating as necessary.

Nope. This isn’t a Tri-athalon (last time we checked at least). For the safety of others that you will be riding with, we do not allow aero bars. No exceptions.

The team captain is the main point of contact for race officials and the team. They are usually the one that instigates putting a team together and making sure everyone is up to date on their team plans for the race. It take a little extra work, but nothing extra special.

Packet pick up for Moab to St. George will occur the day before the race at the starting line (Swanny Park, Moab).

Late packet pick up will be available for both races. This will occur at the starting line for 1 hour before your scheduled start time.

It’s a regular goody bag. In your packet you will have the following:
• Race Bible
• Jersey Bib Numbers
• Bike Plate Numbers
• Race Baton (Slap Bracelet)
• Die Cut Window Sticker
• Caution Sign Sticker for your Car (to be used during the race)
• Team Sticker for your Car
• Zip Ties and Safety Pins to attach your bibs and bike plates
• Swag and Promos from our sponsors

Oh, we have you covered.

Here is the Moab to St. George List.

Yes. We actually recommend this. It’s nice if you can have someone behind the wheel that doesn’t have to worry about being drained from just completing a ride. This is becoming more and more popular and provides another level of safety.

As of now, Yes. If you do this though, we ask that you have at least 1 designated driver per vehicle that is not participating in the race so that the cyclists have enough time to relax and recover between rides.

As of now, Yes. This a great option if you have the resources to make it happen. We only ask that you practice extreme caution as you will be passing many cyclists on the road.

Please see our list of recommended items to bring.

Here is a link to all photos from all completed races.

Here is a link to all results from all completed races.

We’re definitely not meteorologists, but we do know that is really pays to be prepared for just about anything.

For our Moab to St. George race you need to be prepared for 100+ degree heat as well as sub freezing temperatures during the night. Our first year we had snow going over Boulder Mtn pass as well as the Cedar Breaks Mtn pass. Be prepared for heat, cold, and rain/snow!

This would only be done under very rare conditions that would involve safety or legal issues. Pretty much plan on the event rain, snow, or shine.

Didn’t find your answer above? Send us an email and we’ll do our best to get back to you asap.